Selling your business is a life-changing event. You may be looking for a partner to help you grow, seeking a way to diversify your wealth, or planning to retire while ensuring your business continues to thrive. Vopne’s partnership-based approach can help you achieve your personal and business objectives.

  • You’ve done the hard work — building the reputation, brand, and culture — that led to your company’s success

  • We help grow and improve your business without changing what made it successful

  • Your employees are critical to the company’s ongoing success; we grow the team as the company grows, providing opportunities for advancement
  • Vopne’s senior team has led start-ups, run large-scale manufacturing operations, and successfully driven value as senior executives; we understand first-hand the challenges of running and growing a business because we’ve done it
  • We leverage our expertise where we can have the greatest impact, including:
    • Expanding sales channels and markets
    • Developing the strategic roadmap and operational plan
    • Increasing manufacturing capacity
    • Recruiting senior managers
  • Customers come first; all great businesses are built by focusing on high quality products and excellent customer service
  • We help build the systems and processes, and align teams to drive growth while continually improving quality and customer service
  • We invest our own money in every transaction; we are aligned with you as co-owners
  • Our preference is for sellers to retain an ownership stake so we share in the value creation; however, we will acquire 100% of a company from retiring or inactive owners
  • Your company’s senior managers play a critical role in executing long-term goals. We provide equity incentives and reward them for driving value
  • Vopne invests using a highly conservative amount of debt. Doing so allows us to weather unforeseen economic storms
  • We are able to reinvest profits into growth, not debt payments
  • Your priority is running your business, not entertaining a lengthy transaction process
  • We do not require any third party or outside approvals to make an investment
  • Our capital comes from a committed fund; we do not need to raise capital for an investment
  • We use minimal debt in our transactions and have completed investments with 100% equity at closing
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“I needed a partner with expertise in increasing manufacturing throughput while driving continuous product quality improvement. During the five years I partnered with Vopne, we grew revenue over 3x while quality and customer service metrics improved significantly. Vopne was instrumental in our success, including managing the sale of the company to a strategic partner who is a great fit for our company’s continued growth and success. I couldn’t have done it without Vopne.

John Tucker
Founder/CEO of Vacutech